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Community Partners

Career Learning Center of the Black Hills

The Career Learning Center of the Black Hills works with adults and teens to get them prepared for entering the work force as an educated member of society. Helping adults learn and transform themselves is their passion through courses such as literacy, English as a Second Language, GED, Adult Basic Education, Driver’s Education, and Common Sense Parenting. The Career Learning Center of the Black Hills also offers courses in how to land and keep the perfect job with career prep classes and various employment skills and computer assessment courses.

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South Dakota Department of Human Services

The South Dakota Department of Human Services exists to help anyone and everyone find a job. From those with disabilities such as the blind and visually impaired, to those leaving rehabilitation and needing work, the Department of Human Services works to ensure that everyone is equipped to get and retain a job. They also work to ensure that those with disabilities have everything they need to lead a good life in society and they are equipped with the tools they need.

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DSS – Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services exists to aid families in need. DSS works closely with adoption and foster care families and groups to ensure adoption goes smoothly and is there to intervene in cases of child abuse. Other services offered by DSS include senior care for aging adults, economic assistance for lower income families and those with disabilities, medical services for helping with medical expenses, as well as helping with individuals who are mentally ill.

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South Dakota Services to the Blind and Visually Impaired

The South Dakota Rehabilitation Center for the Blind (SDRC) works to ensure that those who are visually impaired are able to lead normal and productive lives. They learn skills such as computer training with assistive technology, travel with the use of a cane, communication methods such as braille, home management skills, manual arts, and low vision services.



South Dakota Advocacy Services

The South Dakota Advocacy Services provides legal representation and advocacy services for individuals with disabilities and ensures they are getting justice in their times of need, such as in instances of discrimination based on disability. Services they offer include individual representation, educating policy makers, advocacy for groups, information and referral services, rights education, and self-advocacy training.

South Dakota Advocacy Services


South Dakota Parent Connection

South Dakota Parent Connection is the place for families who have children/youth with disabilities or special health care needs. They work to connect them with any type of information, training, and services they may need to lead a full life with support, hope, and respect. They offer workshops for families and professionals, online and printed resources of information, and other organizations that can help families.

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Behavior Management Systems has a passion for helping those with mental health illnesses. They offer compassionate counseling and various addiction programs to help individuals suffering from mental health illnesses regain control of their lives. Behavior Management Systems is the largest community mental health center in the region and the most comprehensive at addressing behavioral health disorders.

Behavior Management Systems


South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) exists to help individuals find jobs and be profitable and successful in their work career. With a comprehensive list of open jobs and internships, the DLR offers all of the tools needed to become financially secure. They assist businesses in finding the perfect individual for the job by allowing them list jobs and internships, as well as provides resources for employers.

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South Dakota Rehabilitation Services

The South Dakota Rehabilitation Services division works to ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to obtain and maintain employment, as well as economic self-sufficiency, personal independence, and full inclusion into society. They offer services for a wide range of disabilities, including visual and hearing impairment.



Black Hills Special Services Cooperative

Black Hills Special Services works to ensure that there are resources and jobs available for every walk of life. They work closely with the 12 public school districts in the state to ensure there is public education and technology available and jobs created for every person, including those with disabilities. A wide range of programs are offered for people with disabilities, families in need, and even basic high school students, to ensure they are equipped to be functioning members of society.

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DakotaLink is a one stop shop for all Assistive Technology needs. Technicians with DakotaLink offer programs in areas such as blindness, low vision, reading and writing, augmentative communication, physical computers, lift systems, and environmental controls. Technicians are available for installation and training for varying needs and ages of individuals.

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The Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills has been chosen to be the Brand Ambassador for the Rocky Mountain ADA.

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