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What we do

  • We network with other employers and businesses to help them understand the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities. 
  • We sponsor numerous educational and awareness events on topics of interest to employers and human resource managers. 
  • We also act as a resource for employers regarding worksite modifications or accommodations and issues concerning the employment of people with disabilities. 
  • We work closely with the Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services to link employers to prospective employees with disabilities.

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Steve Jobs, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple and previously Pixar Animation Studios, had dyslexia
Photo of a disabled worker who is working capably out in a field, in spite of the loss of his lower right leg, thanks to the Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills.

2019 NDEAM Event

Lynn's Dakota Mart of Hot Springs recieved an Outstanding Employer Award.  Lynns Dakota Mart understsnds the importance of hiring based on a Ability and how this helps customer service. 

Becky Noble was the featured speaker at the 2019 National Disability Employment Awareness Month Event in Rapid City. Becky is the Club manager for Cabelas. Cabelas recieved an Outstanding Employer Awarded for hiring and retaing individuals that have a disability. 

Synchrony revieved an Outstanding Employer Award for A Large Business that is leading the way in hiring individuals that are disabled. Synchrony has made it a worldwide mission to be inclusive of all abilities. 


Project Solutions was a recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Employer Awarded for 2019. Project Solutions has lead the way in understanding abilities over disabilities and making sure they are inclusive. 

West side Safeway Human Resourses, was awarded the 2019 the John Fenske legacy award for helping employees with disabilities reach their full potential 

Accurpress was one of the recipients of the 2019 Outstanding Employer Awarded. 


The Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills has been chosen to be the Brand Ambassador for the Rocky Mountain ADA.

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