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Social Distancing with Disabilities in the Black Hills

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It looks like it will be a busy summer in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Everyone is looking for a way to get away during COVID-19, and still remember social distancing. That being said, there seem to be many more families traveling with 3, sometimes 4 generations. More and more tourists are requiring accommodations and traveling with Service Animals. Over the last year, work has been done in South Dakota on Mt Rushmore. Mt Rushmore is getting an upgrade that will make it easier for everyone but, most importantly, those with disabilities. In fact, all our National Parks are getting upgrades to make sure they are accessible to all different kinds of abilities. These upgrades go way past the parking lots. By making trails and campsites accessible, thousands of individuals will have the means to get outside and fulfill their desires. For way too long, accessibility was thought of as just the parking lot and maybe a mile of nature walks. Now it includes miles of trails for wheelchairs and scooters, picnic areas, fire pits, restrooms, campsites and so much more. If you have a disability, the National Parks Service offers a free lifetime pass for U.S. Citizens who are permanently disabled. 

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