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The Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills is Here for Your Business

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We understand that a healthy workforce is inclusive of individuals with disabilities and how these individuals can improve your business and your bottom line. We offer free education and consulting to businesses on hiring and retaining individuals who are or have become disabled. Did you know that more than 53 million Americans have a disability and 1 out of 4 of us will be disabled in our working lifetime?

Through awareness and education, we can identify common challenges and connect you to resources and partnerships. These include vocational rehabilitation services, other employers, assistive technology devices and services through DakotaLink, The Rocky Mountain ADA, services to the blind and visually impaired, and much more. We are providing trainings such as disability and etiquette, the essential functions of a job, what can and cannot be asked in an interview, resources to help you understand State and Federal guidelines, and more. We are here to help you understand all the benefits of hiring and retaining people with disabilities and how to tap into this huge employee resource for your business. Employees with disabilities miss less work and they are resourceful problem solvers. Individuals with disabilities can open a whole new labor market for your business. Let me give you an example: a large portion of the consumer market is the Baby Boomers. With age alone come disabilities, so when you have employees with disabilities, they can better understand what is needed when taking care of a customer with a disability, and that can lead to customer loyalty!

The Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills is here to help your business with the best practices that can be implemented to include applicants or current employees that have a disability.  And we are also here to help you understand what is considered a disability under the ADA and section 503. When it comes to outstanding employees, we all want to retain them, but what happens if they become disabled from a sickness or an accident? WDNBH will help you retain these valuable employees through the return-to-work program, accommodations/assistive technology, and modified schedules. Let me reassure you that most accommodations cost very little, and many times nothing at all when we are looking at some simple things such as a flexible work schedule, standing instead of sitting, or adjustment in lighting. For those needing more, the average cost of an accommodation was only $500 compared to employee turnover that can cost on average of $8,000 and that is just to replace a minimum wage employee.

These are just a few of the ways that The WDNBH can help your business stand out and thrive. Please check out the workshops that are now being offered virtually or call Catherine Greseth our Executive Director and Windmills certified trainer, to have an in-person workshop. When we work, we contribute to our society and to our own self-worth.

Invest in your business by calling The Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills today, our services are always free, and we are here to help.

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The Workforce Diversity Network of the Black Hills has been chosen to be the Brand Ambassador for the Rocky Mountain ADA.

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